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Welcome to True Soul Integration


Accessing your own awareness, divine compassion and creativity will enable you to expand in all directions of life, in truth and integrity.

Inspiration, Hope & Joy...

Brimming with inspiration, hope and joy; myself and my co- creative, Martina Crudden, explain the healing endeavours of our own personal and professional healing work over the years.



We discuss the importance of creating new paradigms, bringing people together; and creating safe holding spaces, to support vulnerability during surrender, re- learning and healing. 



Our grounded, heart centred, and compassionate holding of space for healing groups and retreats; facilitates and activates witnessing, accepting and re-building life.



The wonderful Yvonne Skelly from Lakeshore Wellness Centre, Blessington; brings her alchemy and wisdoms to this 33 minute chat, allowing flow and honesty. 




Latest Events & Retreats

Read below to see our upcoming retreats and events hosted by True Soul Integration.