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Accessing your own awareness, divine compassion and creativity will enable you to expand in all directions of life, in truth and integrity.


I am here to guide and assist you in your journey of connection and knowing in life.


How you infuse and support your world within, will influence how you attract your world around you.


It is my joy to share with you tools and teachings, and my own training and experiential guidance with honesty and respect; to support you in expanding prosperity, freedom and love in your life.


Catherine was born and raised in Ireland.

From a young age, she saw the world through her own lens and experienced many things with a deep awareness and knowing.


She gained her experience as a registered nurse in London, England as a young adult; and then traveled the world on a curious quest for more experiences.


Her nursing experience in London and Australia, gifted her with deeper meaning and connection to human living, trauma and grief.


After a series of burn out episodes, significant events in her life, she was shown in dream state; the capacity of love, integrity and compassion she was to work with in the future.


After several years of holistic training in Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Bodytalk, Yoga and Traditional Acupuncture; Catherine left her nursing career and embarked infusing her nursing experience into holistic/ alternative medicine.


Her work has grown to become all encompassing, including all areas of living and dying; and she now facilitates one to one in person sound bath and meditation experiences, group retreats and and online intuitive guidance/ learning workshops.


These beautiful in-person retreats and collaborations, aim to provide you with a space for safety and vision; a container for sacred soul healing.