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Ancestral Alchemy Healing

What is Ancestral Healing?

We are our ancestors. Our physical body is made up of parts of our mother, father, grandparents (both sides), their parents, and the siblings, parents before then..and so on!

We are a physical body, holding information and the experiences of our lineage.

Right into the cellular memory and DNA structure, lies the wisdoms of both our mother and father’s family line, going back hundreds of years.

The egg that you were conceived with, the very beginning of your life as foetus in the womb of your mother; was stored in the ovarian sack of your mother, as she grew in the belly of her mother (your grandmother) that again! :)

So the experiences your grandmother went through, good and bad; while she was pregnant with your mother (and before); impacted the information that was being passed along to you.

In the past, our family dynamics were very different.

Our relationships within the family unit were very different.

We adapted cultures and social norms that fit the concept of the ideal around us, meaning many restrictions and often punishments for expression of views, and thinking outside the box.

We had simpler lives, and despite poverty and oppression in many societies, there was playfulness, music, dance, freedom, connection to nature and spirit.

Survival was generally the main priority, and many men worked away from home to provide for a large family.

There were many hardships, and many of these were silenced; swept under the carpet, for fear of judgement, blame, shame and punishment.

There were often cases of miscarriage, babies not surviving child birth or only living for a short time. This occurred among those of wealth, as well as those in poorer conditions.

There was physical, sexual, mental/ emotional abuse, which was often “normalised” as it was not spoken of, for fear of being shunned, cast away from the safety of the family unit and community.

Poverty, War, Famine and oppression often led to millions of people dying, many families being completely wiped out; and mass emigration causing the family tree to reach out globally.

It is important to reflect and consider all aspects of human life in our history of the world, as we hold much of the information from our ancestors.

We have always had a story. We have had stories of joy, victory, success and wonder, and stories of sorrow, pain, abuse and punishment.

A collection of experiences in our lifetimes, which in turn have been influenced or impacted by previous lifetimes.

Ancestral Healing has the potential to affect thousands of people world-wide, by just addressing one family’s mother and father line.

As we clear the residue of density and heaviness of less fortunate experiences; we GAIN the freedom, strength and power of our ancestors spirit, so our soul can live a life of full expression. By doing this, we also impact the future generations and children coming into our world.

If we consider the web of root systems that run under ground, under our very feet; we can grasp the concept of how closely linked we are as human beings, in our family systems.

Ancestral Healing clears the path for us to lean in on the power of love and strength of our ancestors, who’s endeavours and work have enabled our existence here now.

Ancestral Healing Appointment

This is a distance healing, meaning you do not have to be in attendance in person.

We ask that you give the details of your mother’s full name, and your father’s full name and both places of birth.

Some simple information will be shared with you on the day of appointment, and an audio music piece will be shared with you, should you choose to create some quiet time during the allocated appointment time.

This session is €80 and payments can be made via PayPal, Revolut or Bank transfer.

Just get in touch for more details or if you have any enquiries. Payment and booking also available on booking link on this webpage.

Infinite love to you,

Catherine Caulfield

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