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Today was a wonderful day!

Myself and my soul sista @martinacrudden recorded a conversation with @yvonneskellyhealing from @lakeshorewellnesscentre

You can check out full 33min interview on this page on FB and on Martina’s page

This is an extremely honest conversation ..and pure JOY.

We have been just bursting at the seams to talk about our vision and passion for sharing and educating others in a renewed way of living and seeing life; and accepting your whole self as you are

We speak about the witnessing of our individual experiences, and how to bring ourselves into flow through our growth

We speak of the connection within, and the power that is created and ripples into all aspects of daily living

We speak of perfectionism, not having our "shit together", how we bring awareness to our own discernment and judgements, feeling overwhelmed and listening to your body.

We speak of not having the answers, releasing outcomes and expectations, and leaning into the conditioning and experiences we have accumulated in this life

And importantly, we speak of the honesty, safety and integrity we are so centred and passionate about providing to all of you creating this space for your own individual healing

Our next in person retreat is taking place in Anam Croí, Westport on Fri 18th - 20th Feb (overnight residential)

More dates will be revealed in the coming days for those who are unable to attend this coming month

...and details of the other retreat dates are in this interview, @yvonneskellyhealing shares her experience of how important it is to let go, to move on

Please get in touch with either of myself or @martinacrudden for more information of what to expect, or even if you feel uncertain about direction

YOU will know what is best for you, and if it doesn't feel right for you now, trust that also.

These retreats and workshops are open to absolutely everyone, and in the coming months we will reaching out to support ALL of you working within the holistic and wellbeing sector; and to services providers and carers

#educospirit #gracefulprosperity #retreat #integrity #releasingthepast #gratitude #collaboration

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