Summer Happiness is made in Winter

Ready to seed new beginnings, grow, transform? Become who you ARE, not who you think you should be

  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • 233 euros
  • Cluain Ard

Service Description

This is a beautiful gift for someone who is transitioning through significant changes in life, work, relationships, grief, loss, trauma. It is perfect for someone who is feeling uncertain of the future, at a crossroads in life and doesn’t know what they need. This may the gift YOU need for yourself, as we begin the closing sequence of 2022. Not sure if it’s a good fit? You’re so welcome to get in touch to discuss, with no obligation or expectations. If you’d like to know more, or get a sense of what it is I do for people please give me a call 0879425782 My work with clients is individualised, integral and meaningful. I use a blend of modalities according to the needs of the client, and will always work with the person on what they feel they need most. I have an in depth background in Nursing and Healthcare, Oriental Medicine, Naturopathy; among many other complimentary educations and experiences I have been through over the years. I do not have all the answers. The answers are within each of us. The body holds the wisdom. What is beautiful about beginning the journey in an experienced holding space such as this, is that you will receive insight and new perspective. This blend of modalities and integration of practical insights and wellness guidance, is often enough to create the spring board affect, helping the individual to re-discover themselves; while addressing physical, emotional, mental symptoms of the body and mind. I get to see the brightness and spirit of each person improve through sessions, and this is one of the most wonderful pleasures in my life’s work. Spring and Summer Happiness is made in Winter. This is the season where the internal dark, dense and challenging growth occurs. Our growth is supported by our environment, community, social contact, and holding spaces to cultivate the new growth. Testamonials.. “Catherine I just feel like a new person in comparison to how I was feeling an hour ago. A weight has just been lifted from me, I really can’t believe it” “When I look back to this time last year, and realise what I have come through; I never would have believed it” “Catherine I remember you telling me that this process would take time, and I didn’t believe you at that time. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to see ahead. But I can see now, and I’m so proud of how I’ve shown up for myself” Looking forward to working with you, Many blessings, Catherine

Contact Details

  • Cluain Ard, Dernagrew, County Monaghan, Ireland


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